Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Story of Coffee

Here is my latest work. it's a mural for Vecino's coffee shop. It's called 'the Story of Coffee', hence the coffee tree. It was fun doing this one, yet very challenging doing a large size symmetrical design. I am really a fan of symmetry, as am trees. However, it was very stretching as an artist to make sure that the left side matched the right side. Not to mention that standing all day on scaffolding isn't that easy either. yet, to grow as an artist, you need to step outside your own box once in awhile. there is so much that goes into a composition that nobody sees. the ground work is just as important to me as picking out the colors. With that being said, although it feels great to be done with this work, i really enjoyed that i could paint right there on-sight and see so many people come and go that i know. It's such a great space and the building is beautiful. plus watching my husband in action all day was fun too!