Saturday, March 22, 2008

so there seems to be this buzzing all around me about latte art. up until a few months ago, i didn't even realize it existed. however with the people i seem to surround myself with, coffee is a popular subject. so i thought, just how hard can it be? i mean, i work with my hands all the time, right? well, i was proved wrong and in fact, there seems to be an exact science to the whole process. the picture on the right is my first try at making rosettas. to the novice, this may look pretty good, however to the professionals, it's definitely a first grade try. speaking of professionals.... the other picture above was my trainer (aka boyfriend), who is the notorious east coast barista champion, chris deferio. he has been a professional barista since 2001 and competes, trains, and judges latte art all over the world.... talk about learning from the best. i wouldn't dare post a picture of his rosetta next to mine, but maybe soon, if he keeps teaching me, i'll give him a run for his money!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

tony, the owl

this is the first painting that i've attempted to do a symetrical design. i have to say that there is something quite beautiful about symmetry; almost regal, actually. i particulary found this tree fun to paint. it's like my eyes get lost in it's design and keep trying to figure out where the line begins and ends. the owl is tony. he doesn't show up very well here, as in the actual painting. but he's quite cute, not scary as some people seem to think! although he is a little cross-eyed.