Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally, a new post!

Hello, so I decided that I have been neglecting my blog way too long. Since I officially have gone past my first 10 sells on Etsy, I thinking it's about time that I take the blog world more seriously. I mean, practically every artist seems to have a rockin' blog, right?. So I will attempt at keeping people up to date at some of my new work and also some of my past crafty things that I have made.
This particular entry is a paper bowl that I made with an art teacher friend of mine. After sifting the paper through screens, we wrapped the pieces of torn paper around a balloon to get the bowl shape and then I pressed those pretty leafy things in it to give it an earthy feel. It's perfect for holding my silverware for a dinner party. The beautiful butterflies, I purchased from this wonderful etsy shop(you can visit her shop here) and then I glued on the paper clips to use them as bookmarks. Tonight I am getting ready to have my book club over and I can't wait for them to pick out their favorite bookmark!