Sunday, June 8, 2008

the knots

i finally finished this painting. it stretched out over quite a few weeks. i'm not really satisfied with the way it turned out. although viewing it all together, i think that it's a much stronger piece than each one individually. but i love the meaning behind these pieces. they are 3 square paintings of Celtic knots. i have always been attracted to Celtic design and specifically their knots. there's something really romantic about the intertwining of the lines and the symmetry. the first knot on the left is a friendship knot, then the next one represents Christ, and the third is the love knot. i chose these 3 meanings because without Christ i have neither true love or deep friendships. as a follower of Jesus for many years, i have realized that there's nothing like having kindred spirits amongst other believers. all with the same focus and common goal; making Jesus famous.