Saturday, November 6, 2010

Walking through a new door

So I thought it would be appropriate to post a photo of one of the many doors that I saw while on my honeymoon to symbolize the new door that my husband and I are about to take. We are moving to New York for him to start a new job. Well, to be fair, this is no new door for him since he grew up there, but for me, everything is going to be new and fresh. I've lived in this small town of Muncie, IN for just a few months shy of 20 years so this will be a big change for me, and I hate change. Walking through doors in life can alter everything there after. On one hand you have a door that is more comfortable and safe. Then on the other hand you have a door where there is more risk. Whose to say which would be best? I, who being an artist am not your typical fly by the seat of your pants personality, have decided to make a conscious decision to enjoy the risk and choose to become adventurous. Who knows what things you can stumble upon or cool people that I could meet. Of course it would be a little easier to stomach if we were actually moving to Italy, which is where this photo was taken. But it's New York, so I may yet see my fair share of Italians.


Gman and Julz said...

Thats exciting lynnsy! blessings to your 'shift' and transition... Where will you be in NY?

Lynnsy said...

hey there. we will be in syracuse. i wish it were Ithaca, but at least it's a lot bigger than Muncie.
Blessings to you!