Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mad about Mobiles!!!

I am absolutely mad about mobiles. I just can't stop making them. There is something really pleasing to the eye to see shapes in a repeating pattern, like a driveway lined with trees is always so stunning. With Spring approaching, I decided it was time to take down all the snowflakes that I made for the windows and put up something a little different. (Ironically, the day I put this up, it snowed) So this leaf mobile is what I decided on. My husband supplied me with a stick that he carved for the top and I just cut out a leaf shape with descending sizes from top to bottom and finished it off with a star design at the bottom; which is my favorite part. It's a lot easier than it looks so don't hesitate to make your own someday!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is in the air

I am not unique at all in the fact that I am ecstatic to see spring arrive. There is something about winter that changes our sourpuss faces into smiles. Living in a city that is known for receiving the most amount of snowfall in all America gave me no hope of seeing an early spring. I might have been frightened by the horror stories that I've heard about blizzards in April and sometimes even May. But alas, we may just have turned the page in the progression of seasons. Tomorrow we are said to reach 80, which is no feat for my fellow Indiana friends, but here, it will indeed put a multitude of grins on these fellow New Yorkers. Even the birds are elated to see the new life budding all around them. This morning my husband and I enjoyed melodic chirping sounds outside our window. The shades were pulled, so I couldn't see that cute little creature, but in my mind, this is what I was imagining him to look like.

Happy Spring everyone!