Saturday, February 9, 2008

bow down thine ear to me

since i have a 3 week break from painting at the cafe's, i decided to post an old painting. this actually happens to be the smallest painting i think i've done yet; no bigger than my hand. it was inspired from psalm 31:2. i like this verse best in the kjv version. it reads, "bow down thine ear to me, deliver me speedily". i was struck by the fact that a mere mortal is asking the Lord of the universe to come down to his level to hear him. of course we all know that our God can hear us at all times, yet the boldness of david is inspiring to me. we all will have times in our life when we feel desperate for God's deliverance. this painting is from about 6 years ago during my 'dark hour'. and my Lord did indeed deliver me!

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Anonymous said...

Your paintings are layered beautifuly. I feel like the lines and colors draw you in and encourage the mind to meditate on it's meaning.
He who has ears to hear...
let him hear