Monday, January 14, 2008

blast from the past

here's a picture of me back in collage when i first learned how to throw pottery. (gosh, this picture makes me miss my long hair)-this was one of my favorite classes. so, this weekend, at my usual coffeehouse, i decided to give the wheel another chance. it has been well over a decade since i've done this so you've got to give me credit for trying, for all eyes were on me expecting me to throw a masterpiece since i know how to paint. people say that it's like riding a bike and it comes right back to you. however it's more like riding a unicycle. you don't forget how to pedal, but it's still a very shaky ride. nonetheless, i still was able to make a mug the size of a huge soup bowl. so i was happy with that.

1 comment:

Deferio said...

Whoa look at that long hair!
Pottery, painting, pictures...
Your a renaissance woman!