Monday, January 14, 2008

The Italian Biker

this is a new painting from one of my italy pictures. i went back in 2004 to turin, which is where they just had the last winter olympics. it was a life-changing experience, and of course i fell in love with the country instantly. i have done a couple of paintings similar to this and i have found it much easier to paint architecture compared to some of my more abstract paintings. i am transitioning more and more from a paint brush to a palette knife, which gives it that textured/weathered look that i like so much. unfortunately muncie doesn't have a lot of buildings begging my attention, but hopefully i can do some more traveling in the future. in this painting, i loved the old man on the bike. i know that he just looks like a red blob, but i wanted him to stand out the most because him riding past at just the right time for my click of the camera, made the photo just perfect.

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