Monday, January 14, 2008

Friday Night Cafe

this painting was such a great idea in theory. i mean i have spent most of my friday nights for the past year at these cafe's. so i thought it would be great to do a painting of that. i'm painting in the middle, guy is the bald guy on the left sipping coffee, and my friend ryan is on the right throwing pottery. yet, this is one of those paintings that doesn't make the jump from my mind to canvas very well. the color choices are all wrong and i so bad want to learn how to paint abstract people well, but this just misfired. this happens somewhat frequently, it's just usually in the privacy of my own home and i just paint over it. so the fact that this was in public is humbling and serves as a reminder that i have so far to go to becoming great at this. but, i have discovered that it's healthy and necessary to have those moments in life.

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