Monday, January 14, 2008

the sunset (study 1)

here is another new painting. i've been painting like crazy lately at these coffee houses for people to watch me. which is a new thing for me. i'm used to doing this in private and not have to answer a ton of questions why i'm using this or that color. but, it's been a fun challenge for me. but a funny thing occurred to me the other day when i was talking to my neighbor. i look at this painting and it seems obvious that it's a sunset. however, my friend didn't realize that at first. so it made me wonder how often do i think something is coming across when in actuality, a completely different thought or image is what people have in their minds. which, i guess that's what art is all about. but my work usually has a very specific meaning behind what does it look like to you?
anyway, back to the painting. as a child my dad always made me watch sunsets. as i grew up i began to really appreciate them and now as an adult, i often crave them. to me, they always remind me of God and his presence in my life. i think that's why the sun show's up in the majority of my paintings.

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