Monday, January 14, 2008


so, i'm back to my painting at the cafe's and here's a new one. it's funny how people tend to gravitate toward some over others. this one seemed to be a lot of people's favorite. maybe because it's very different from most of my work. the japanese writing says redemption. this is a theme that i've been thinking about for years now and happens to be my most favorite concept in life. If you read the bible at all, you'll learn that God's main purpose for us is to reconcile us back to him. God cares about that more than anything. so, i've been wrestling with that in my own life, wondering how he can redeem the ugly places in my life and turn it around for good. so the japanese influence comes from my parents. they have always been into japanese art, so i grew up around it. and then in college i had a lot of japenese friends as well. there's something really calming about their art that brings a sense of peace to me. hope this painting displays a little of that as well.

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